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We are a name synonymous with 'Quality' for purchasing finest Refrigerator, Electric Kettle, Electric Iron, etc. ..

Kitchoff India- Inspiring Modern Living

We are born in the year 2015 to make lives of modern people easy and convenient. By making masses available an impressive line of Refrigerator, Electric Iron, Automatic Electrical Kettle and much more, we're inspiring every household to go modern and adopt contemporary ways of living. Through medium of suppliers, retailers, distributors and traders, our company is fulfilling needs of end-consumers by making them have superior design, functionality, finish and quality of Electrical & Electronic Items. As a trusted manufacturer, we singularly use best materials to design exceptional quality of range. Latest technologies are used by us to precisely develop manufactured line of excellent quality standards.

We Tell How Promises Are Lived

We are our own competition because we see others not better or less than us. We aim to be the best versions of ourselves and the first thing we do to make it accomplish is to stick by our promising words which we utter to clients at the time of dealings. We believe in making other companies envy from us not on the basis of profits or popularity that we enjoy but at the way we fulfill promises made to the clients. Whether it's swift deliveries, timely completion of bulk orders or maintaining high quality, all the promises that we do with our customers; we work hard to live them on daily basis.

Replacing Human Efforts With Technology

Technology has made lives of modern beings easier with its advancements in every field. Though all branches of diverse industries have been benefited by the technology but recently conducted market study has shown that the major fruits of benefits, till date have been enjoyed by Electrical & Electronics Industry. Automation in electrical and electronic items like refrigerators have replaced traditional methods where a person living before introduction of refrigerators has to quench his/her thirst of having chilled water by storing water in earthen pots. All the time that goes waste in performing water cooling, food preservation process is being reduced considerably by gift of science 'Refrigerators'.  We can iron our clothes with perfection, easily expand the reach of our gadgets to power points, boils any form of liquid at any place with use of Electric Dry Iron, Power Extension Board, Automatic Electrical Kettle. Amongst many companies which are helping masses by making them accessible all aforesaid 'Technological Wonders', we're the most trusted ones. Trusted more? Yes, because we employ industrial automation methods in designing offered range. We clear all the doubts pertaining to quality of our range by performing strict quality tests on range.

What Makes Us Worth Dealing?
  • Industrial Automation- Use of automation in manufacturing hasn't just increased our work pace but bettered quality and functionality of offered produce. It enables us to be always active in serving bulk requirements of patrons.
  • Trusted Partners- To us customers are those gems which we want to preserve for years. We do not want our clients to look out for other options (Companies)  while purchasing Electrical & Electronic Items. As a trusted partners, we constantly innovate our range to keep attention of clients glued towards our range.
  • Flexibility In Payment Options- Making monetary proceedings of clients easier is what we thought of doing at the time of introducing varied payment choices for clients. We accept payment through both online and offline modes

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